My story is about free your mind I free my mind as soon as possible sometime it’s good to go by your own mind your mind is be right most of the time here is a story about one man one day this man was walking and his mind tell him not to walk thru that corner but he didn’t listen to his mind by not listeing to his mind almost cause his life some bad boys beat him up and take all of his money an phone any time your mind tell you to don’t go that way or don’t go that Place go by your mind most of the time your mind is be right your mind also can save your life likely if that Man was gonna listen to his mind in the first place that ain’t was gonna happen to him trust me using the power of your Mind is bring good success also love I use the power of my mind to heal my body an it is work for me good that also move stress a way from me your mind is so powerful everyone have power but the thing about it some people is not using the power of their mind to get what they want in life or yes your mind is powerful your own mind is a wonerful thing be greatful for it let me show you how my mind is to me when ever I think about something the possible dream is come true for me one day I was thinking of this lady an in 10 minis this lady who I was thanking about came to my house now I really use the power of my mind to bring her to my house some time I was able to read people mind this is my true story for the day keep on checking out my blog for more true story thank you for doing soo have a bless morning everyone until next time take care

My story is about living a happy life I try hard to be happy even when iAm sad I do things to makes me happy here is my secret my friends to makes me happy when I sad I go and turn on the TV and I find a good movie to watch also go on the beach I also call a friend to chat with this what makes me happy the most I will ask my lady friend to go to the movies with me I also try hard to smile with my self and if someone make me mad an if they say bad things to me i is walk away from them I also go out riding in my car I love my music too when I driving try these when you are sad and you will be happy like me or try something what you love doing to makes you happy being happy give you long life stress kill millions of people by being happy will stop the stress well I hope you enjoy my real life true story thanks for reading the my story and I hope who have stress that stress will go away from you please smile on time and be happy please enjoy your night love you all